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How Writing a Daily Journal Helps

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Hi Friends, Welcome to my weekly online magazine, My Writes – The Way of Life. And what better time than spring season to start with my magazine. 

This is the first edition of my weekly magazine and I am extremely happy to have finally been able to publish it. With this magazine, I intend to offer insights on various lifestyle topics and cater to the user base who like to read on variety of subjects. 

I am looking forward to building an ever-lasting relationship with my readers who will help me every day with their feedback and insights. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

How Writing a Daily Journal Helps

Writing helps and we have heard it so many times from so many people. Many people write daily journal and they swear by its therapeutic values. You need not be a novelist or a theorist to be a journal writer. All you need is some free time and a diary, notebook, tablet, or a laptop (I am not very accustomed with writing on a phone but if you are, go ahead and grab your phone). 

Your Journal – Your friend

Let’s start with the basic question –

Why should we write a journal?

  1. Writing helps clarify your thoughts and makes you more peaceful – If your mind is fogged with lots of random thoughts and you remain baffled with regular onslaught of thoughts, writing will bring that much needed clarity and make you see things clearly.
  2. Writing helps you destress – When you are stressed out, you often seek out a friend to talk with. But not all feelings can be shared with a friend and this is the time you can turn towards writing. Writing without any inhibitions will help you take out all your inner feelings and you will be surprised to see how calm you feel afterwards.
  3. Writing helps you become a smooth talker – The more you write, the more your vocabulary will increase. Also, we think fast and write slowly. Therefore, writing gives you an opportunity to pause your fast running mind and write thoughtfully.

How should we write a journal

  1. Just pen down your thoughts as they come to your mind in a journal or a diary without worrying about the spell-check or grammar. You should not pause to revise your writing or to check the sentence structure. 
  2. Write every day, even if you think nothing special happened in your day worth writing. This step is very important to inculcate the habit of writing.
  3. Designate a time every day to write. Make sure you assign a time when you are relatively alone and there are minimal chances of your spouse, kids, or friends interrupting the process.
  4. You can choose to write about yourself in the first person (I had a wild dream last night) or in third person (She had a wild dream last night) based on your comfort level. Writing in first person will be more direct and you might feel intimidated about what you are writing. Writing in third person will give you some space and more freedom as you will feel you are talking about a third person and not about yourself. 

What should we write in a journal

  1. Write about how you are feeling. In the beginning, you might feel awkward writing about your innermost feelings. And you might laugh at yourself when you read what you have written. But, continue with your writing. Start with small sentences. Do not aim to fill the pages. 
  2. Aftera few days, you will realize that you are becoming more and more clear in your mind and the words are coming out seamlessly. At this stage, start thinking through your feelings and try to write in the context of a particular situation. Your sentences will be a bit longer and clear.
  3. Asyou continue to write regularly, you will observe that your ability to analyze and think through any situation has tremendously increased. You will slowly enter into a phase where you are not only writing about your feeling but analyzing your day and your behavior. 
  4. Youwill now be able to write about what happened around you, what could have been better and what could have been avoided. You will also be able to plan your actions in preparation of the upcoming event. 

 So, give it a try and you never know you will find that best friend of yours that you have been looking for in your own diary.

A Quote to End With…

She Never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won – Matt Baker

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