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Tips to Maintain Clean Kitchen and Bathroom

In this section I will talk about the tips and tricks you can use to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. I will not be dwelling on the tools or methods to clean your kitchen and bathroom but your daily habits that you could use to maintain these two most important areas of your house.


Here are the five most useful tips that could help you manage your kitchen:

A clean kitchen makes half of your house look clean and organized
  1. Always have a designated place for everything in your kitchen. However, do not be fixated by that space. Based on your new requirements, you may/should keep changing the settings of your kitchen; however, maintain a space for everything nevertheless.
  2. Your pantry should always have necessary food items to keep your family go by two weeks. The items in your pantry should be neatly stacked so that anytime you can check the depleting items and make your grocery list for your next shopping trip.
  3. Keep your spice boxes/bottles properly stacked, using a spice organizer, so that all boxes/bottles are visible and can be checked. Every time you take out the spice boxes while cooking, always wipe the boxes/bottles before putting them back.
  4. Regularly (at least twice a week) check your refrigerator inside-out and throw away any stale or expired food item esp. any dairy items. Also, lining your refrigerator shelves will greatly help you keep your refrigerator clean from any spills and scratches.
  5. Always leave your kitchen clean before your go to sleep in the night. Make sure the sink area is clean, without any food particle in the drain pipe, and dry.


It looks like a dream but this dream can be achieved by making some changes in your daily habits.
  1. Stop Hoarding – Check your vanity or medicine cabinet weekly to remove any unwanted or expired item. Make-up items are one of the most compulsive buys. You should make sure that you have space in your cabinet for any new make-up item before you plan your next trip to Sephora. Even if you have bought something impulsively, make sure you make a space for it.
  2. Buy good organizers – Good organizers will help you compartmentalize your bathroom essentials and you will have designated space for every item. 
  3. Cleaning wipes – They can be your best friend in keeping your bathroom clean and sparkling always. Just take a wipe and wipe all the spots as a daily quick fix.
  4. Invest in a good Squeegee – A quick wipe with a squeegee after shower will help you keep your shower glass and shower tiles dry and free from build-up.

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