Decluttering, Household Management

Developing the Art of Decluttering

I will not bore you with the steps to declutter your closet, kitchen shelves, or garage. There are numerous blogs and videos on how to declutter your house and maintain the space of your house. What I will be talking about in this section is how to develop a mindset for decluttering. If you develop a habit of decluttering, you will start finding your own cleaning solutions for your house.

Once you start taking the clutter out of your house, it will start becoming clean and more manageable.
  1. Keep two empty cartons or boxes in your Utility/Storage area and mark them respectively as ‘To Donate’ and ‘To Dispose-Off’. In case you do not have space for boxes, you can identify two drawers and use them as collection boxes. Anytime, you come across any item which you no longer require, just drop that item into any of these two boxes.
  2. Every time you plan to buy a new item for your kitchen or a new piece of clothing, take out one item/cloth from your kitchen/wardrobe which you have not used in a year to be donated or disposed off.
  3. Every week target a wardrobe drawer, closet shelf, or a kitchen shelf and check if there is any item which has not been used in a year or which you will not use in the future. Take out those items and dispose them off.
  4. Do not wait for the special occasions to deep-clean your house. Every month, identify a zone in your house to be deep-cleaned and dedicate half a day out of the entire month to clean that part.
  5. Identify the high-traffic areas in your house that gets crowded a lot and clean them regularly. In our house, it is the kitchen pantry, my kids’ study table (esp. the stationery boxes) and my closet. I make a point to de-clutter, clean, and organize these areas at least once a week.

That’s it friends. I am sure if you follow these simple ideas, within few months, you will find your house much more organized, clean, and ready to take new stuff in 🙂

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