Household Management, Smart Grocery List

How to Make a Smart Grocery List

It may seem like a mundane and easy task, but grocery shopping is one of the most tedious chores when you are managing a household. It starts with looking what’s in hand, what you have to get, for how long and how much. Creating a smart grocery list will help you take half the burden of grocery shopping off your shoulders. With these tips and smart grocery list, your grocery shopping will be as smooth as a cheese cake:

  • Keep a notepad in your kitchen and write the name of the items that are getting over as you go about working around. This will save you a lot of time when you are ready to go for your grocery shopping – you will not be required to check your pantry, kitchen shelves, and other house shelves to check the items that are getting over. 
  • Whether you are ordering your grocery online or you are going to the supermarket, it will help you a great deal if you categorized the items in your grocery list as per the aisle. For example, make a category for vegetables, fruits, milk products, breads, cleaning products, beauty care, etc. Once you have categorized your list, you will find yourself moving on from one aisle to another instead of going back and forth in between the same aisles. In case you are shopping online, this categorization will help you to finish picking items from one menu before moving to the another one. 
  • If possible, put your grocery items in two main headings – Monthly and Weekly. This will help you identify which items you should buy in bulk and which you need to buy weekly.
  • Do not throw away your grocery list after you are back from your shopping. Strike-out the items you have bought and if there are items you could not buy or that were not available, transfer them to the new grocery list.
  • If you are tech-savvy, you could explore many grocery list apps that are available online for both android and iPhone. These apps help you prepare a grocery list online and there are various categorization features available. Some of the apps also give you an estimate of the cost of our grocery.  

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