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How to Organize your Closet

In continuation to my series on Home Organization, today’s article is on Closet organization. There are a few areas in house which are essential to our living and these areas complete the house – bathroom, kitchen, and closets. The way we organize these three essential areas, says a lot about our housekeeping skills. The more beautifully these three areas are maintained, the more beautiful our house looks. We generally use closets to store our clothes, accessories, valuables, and linens. It is a part of our house that we open and use almost every day. Therefore, organizing a closet should be a part of your housekeeping schedule (it may not be a part of your daily chores but should be scheduled fortnightly or monthly).

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Organizing a closet will help you:

  • Get a clear picture of your wardrobe – When you organize your closet, you get an idea of how many clothes and accessories you have. You also get an idea about the stuff you have not used in months or even years and about the clothes you wear regularly.
  • Get ready for your work in time – Every week you can arrange six to seven pairs of clothes, which you will be wearing in the coming week, in the front row. This way you will not be required to scan your entire wardrobe to pick the clothes for the day.  
  • Manage your monthly and yearly clothing expenses – If you regularly organize your closet, you will have the knowledge of what you have and what you need to buy. This awareness will help you make sensible decisions when you are buying any new clothes or accessories.
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Steps to organize your Closet:

  1. Label the shelves in your closet as per your lifestyle requirements like, formal, casual, party wear, bags/handbags, jewelry, etc. I have labelled the shelves in my closet as daily-wear house clothes, daily-wear office clothes, meetings and tours clothes, evening outs and party wear clothes, sarees, cocktail dresses, accessories, etc.
  2. Store the ‘Out of Season’ clothes in the top shelves that you do not access regularly. Do Not Use the top shelves to store the clothes that you are not sure about ever wearing. As you will forget about them and these clothes will add to the closet clutter.
  3. Appoint one lower and visible shelf for donation. Keep the clothes that are no longer in your favorites list or no longer fitting you in this shelf. During every closet organization exercise, remove these clothes and donate them accordingly.
  4. Coordinate your clothes based on colors or fabric. This will help you select the clothes easily. You will also have an idea about what all colors you have in abundance and which color you need to buy in your next shopping trip. You can apply same concept with the fabric of your clothes.
  5. Invest in durable storage boxes, accessory hangers and organizers, and vacuum sealers. Beautiful and neatly labelled storage boxes and accessory organizers are your best friends when it comes to closet organization. You can use them to store your accessories like scarves, stoles, belts, clutches, imitation jewelry, etc. Vacuum sealers can be used store your woolens or linens.

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