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Stones in Your Pocket

I first came to know about Virginia Woolf when I read her novel “Mrs. Dalloway” during my post-graduation. During this time, I read many other great writers and poets of 19th and early 20th century but, Virginia Woolf stayed with me as I continued reading her work long after. With each passing year, my understanding… Continue reading Stones in Your Pocket

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Decoding Happiness

This topic had been weighing on my mind since long and today I am writing about it after this concept has become somewhat clear. In past two years, I went through one of the longest spells of sadness and gloom in my life. During this time, I tried all the tricks I could to bring… Continue reading Decoding Happiness

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Saving for that Special Day

Smile a bit if you have one, some of these, or may be all of these things neatly packed in one of the closets in your house - a dress, sweater, blazer, or a saree with its tag still on; perfume bottles or lip colors – waiting to be opened; beautiful china set still in… Continue reading Saving for that Special Day

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Minimalism – A Different Lifestyle Concept

We all dream of a beautiful house which is spacious, well-lit, and warm. And to make it more beautiful and personal, we decorate it with our skills and memories in the form of the souvenirs and artifacts. Our house becomes a reflection of our ethos, culture, and beliefs that tell a great deal about us… Continue reading Minimalism – A Different Lifestyle Concept

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Why is it so Important to “Give it Back”

We all have experienced the sheer triumph of ‘giving it back’ to someone whenever in any kind of argument. A sense of satisfaction that comes after that is unparallel. It feels like we have won the war or conquered the world. But what happens when sometimes, someone else gives it back to us or has… Continue reading Why is it so Important to “Give it Back”

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How to Deal with Small Irritants in Life

How many times have you heard some or all of these lame phrases, “Oh! it’s a small thing. It will go away”, “Such things happen, just move on”, “This thing doesn’t deserve your time and energy”. I have heard these phrases many times whenever I have gone to friends to share an unpleasant incident or… Continue reading How to Deal with Small Irritants in Life

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How to Deal with Changes in your Life

Let me say “Welcome Back” to myself. I am writing after a long time. Almost after a gap of seven months. During this time, I went through various emotions and just could not bring myself to write. A big change has happened in my life and it has affected me mentally and physically. The affect… Continue reading How to Deal with Changes in your Life

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Time to Let Go of the Past

Finding Your Path and Moving Forward (Finde deinen Weg und bewege dich vorwärts) Friends, thanks for reading my earlier editions and now coming with me this edition of “My Writes - The Ways of Life”. This week we talk about moving forward in life while dealing with your past and especially unpleasant memories. Time to… Continue reading Time to Let Go of the Past

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Why do we Judge Others

Welcome to my fourth edition of "The Ways of Life with K". In this edition, I have written about our nature to judge people around us based on our extensive or limited knowledge. To understand why we often judge the other person, we need to take a look around ourselves. We will find that we… Continue reading Why do we Judge Others

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Why no one understands You

Let’s start this article with one very common and basic question - what true happiness means to you? Surprisingly, if someone has to select a moment/thing that gives them true happiness, it is rarely materialistic. Mostly it is love, trust, and understanding between family members, partners, or friends. These are some of the most precious… Continue reading Why no one understands You