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House Cleaning Chores that should not be left to Schedule

In my previous article, I talked about how you can schedule your household cleaning chores. The last point in that article was – Listen to your house. We will start from this point here and talk about it further. Scheduling your cleaning or other household chores is absolutely necessary. It makes sure you are covering all the tasks and areas of your house and you are not spending more time than planned on those activities. However, sometimes if we see anything out of place calling for our attention, we need to attend to it even though it may not be in our plan. We need to take a call if that chore can be scheduled for later or should be dealt with on the same day.


I have come up with a list of problem areas that either could be scheduled for later or need to be dealt with immediately.

Problem areas that can be scheduled later in the cleaning plan:

  1. Dust on book shelf, statues, show-pieces or display shelf – Make sure you mark these areas to be covered during your next dusting trip.
  2. Sofa covers, table clothes and runners that have not been changed for more than two-three weeks – schedule them to be added to your next load of laundry.
  3. Overflowing or not-properly arranged closet – Mark a day in your calendar to clean up your closet.
  4. Bath mat, shower curtains or glasses, scaled taps and shower heads – If you have not covered these items in your bathroom deep cleaning routine, assign a day in a month to cover these areas.
  5. Door, window, and wardrobe knobs and area around them – If you can see the stained fingerprints on or around the knobs in your house, it is time for you to schedule their cleaning.

Problem areas that should be attended to immediately irrespective of the cleaning plan:

  1. Cobweb or spider web in the nooks and corners of the house – Pick your vacuum cleaner and deal with it immediately.
  2. Stains on the bathroom mirror/basin/counter/WC – Keep disinfecting wipes in your bathroom for these emergencies. Within two minutes, your bathroom would be sparkling again.
  3. Strewn clothes and shoes around the house – You may have the cleanest house but strewn clothes and shoes everywhere will make your house look unkept.
  4. Curry/oil stains at the back wall – Clean the wall at the back of the cooking hob along with the kitchen counter to avoid permanent or hard to remove stains.
  5. Garbage Disposal Bins – You should clean the trash buckets/bins every time you line them with new bags.

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